Business Spotlight

August 2019 Business Spotlight

Row House Foothill Ranch is an individually owned boutique fitness studio and is a part of the nation’s leading rowing fitness brand. Offering effective and low-impact workouts for all levels of strength and fitness; Row House brings a fitness concept focused on the safety and longevity of their member’s bodies. Drew Kates, the owner and operator of the studio, brings his entrepreneurial expertise and his passion for giving back to the community to Lake Forest. Row House is located at 41 Auto Center Drive, Suite 105, Lake Forest, CA 92630.

Why did you choose to locate in Lake Forest?

My family and I moved down from the Bay Area two years ago and we live in Trabuco Canyon. One of my main goals with opening my own business was to be involved in my surrounding communities. I know the Lake Forest area pretty well and found an ideal spot to open our first studio. The city has made this experience so easy and pleasant that I've never doubted my decision to open up here.

Any special or promotions you’d like to advertise?

20% off the lifetime of your membership for our next 100 members for our Unlimited monthly pack and 8 times a month pack.

Also, if you row 50K meters in your first 30 days, you will receive a free 50K meters t-shirt.

What types of classes/services does your business offer?

Home of the 45-Minute, low impact, full-body, high-energy rowing workout, Row House, a boutique fitness rowing concept, was created with a specific objective: To give people of all different shapes, sizes, an ultimate calorie burning, full-body workout in an environment that's inclusive. Rowing uses 85% of your body's muscles (legs, core, arms) and is low-impact, ideal for building up bodies instead of breaking them down. Here is a list and description of the types of classes we offer:

House: Full-body workout and cardio burn infused with high-energy music, rowing, dynamic stretching and body weight calisthenics on and off the erg (rower)

Body: Total body workout that combines resistance training and cardio conditioning

Power: High-Octane music with a burst of interval training on and off the erg

Restore: Designed to re-energize your body and mind with our signature blend of focused rowing and dynamic stretching

Full Row: High-Energy full-rowing class that focuses on more meters, endurance, cardio, and strength

Stroke: 45-Introductory class that focuses on form and technique, perfect for those just starting out

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Facebook: @RowHouseFoothillRanch

Instagram: @rowhousefoothillranch