As part of the city's Housing Rehabilitation Program, eligible Lake Forest homeowners can receive up to $30,000 and mobile homeowners can receive up to $15,000 to improve their homes. The program offers 0 % deferred loans to all residents meeting the income qualifications. There are no monthly payments on the loan and the total payment is due at the time of sale, refinance or transfer of title. For those residents choosing to make monthly payments, the city's program offers a 3 % loan with amortized payments over 15 years.

To qualify, applicants must live on the property, have sufficient equity in the home, may not have received assistance previously, not exceed the asset limitations, and meet the income restrictions noted in the chart.

Eligible repairs include roofing, windows, exterior and interior painting, plumbing, electrical, garage doors and energy efficiency/weatherization items. Any code violations or health and safety items must be corrected as a condition of funding. Any homes built prior to January 1, 1978 must comply with federal lead-based paint requirements.

Download the application (PDF). Contact Theresa Dobbs with any questions by calling her at 949-461-3473 or email her.