With quality industrial parks and high industrial building occupancy rates, Lake Forest continues to be a leader in the manufacturing industry. Lake Forest's strong manufacturing sector represents some of Orange County's most advanced technologies from educational equipment to products for the aerospace industry.


Ellison has been the leader in shape-cutting innovation and product development since 1977. Ellison manufactures and distributes the Prestige, RollModel, and AllStar product lines and manufactures, distributes, and serves as the primary retailer of Sizzix consumer shape-cutting equipment and ancillary products. Ellison empowers people to express their personal and professional creativity using its innovative products and is committed to continuing this tradition for generations to come. Today, its products are found in an estimated 80 % of schools nationwide and are available for consumer use in scrapbook, stationery, and craft stores around the world.

Global Power Technologies Group, Inc.

Global Power Technologies Group, Inc. is an integrated development and manufacturing company dedicated to products based on Silicon Carbide (SiC) technologies and Amorphous Magnetic Materials. These products will be foundational to power electronics and the energy industries in future years where advanced technologies are needed for low cost, highly efficient power generation, conversion and transmission.  

Kaiser Aluminum

Kaiser Aluminum is a leading producer of fabricated aluminum products for aerospace and high strength general engineering, automotive, and custom industrial applications.

Spectrum Brands Hardware & Home Improvement

Spectrum Brands Hardware and Home Improvement is a global and diversified consumer products company. Its products are sold by the world's top 25 retailers and are available in more than 1 million stores in approximately 140 countries. Spectrum Brands' Hardware and Home Improvement division employs 6,700 people globally and 500 people in Lake Forest. Some of its most popular brands include Pfister, Kwikset, Weiser Lock, Baldwin, Stanley, and National Hardware.
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