The City of Lake Forest is committed to your business growth and expansion. Through a variety of resources, and the absence of a business license requirement, starting a business in the city is an easy process. Our unique Business Development and Attraction Program provides personal outreach to the business community to address expansion and business needs, and provides our businesses with resources that facilitate their economic prosperity.

Competitive Rates

"Lake Forest’s competitive lease rates have reduced the cost of infrastructure at our corporate headquarters, allowing us to efficiently manage business and deliver value and quality to our customers and shareholders.”
– Apria Healthcare

Corporate Community

“Athletes who exceed the limits of possibility know that Oakley earned its reputation by doing the same, and the home of our global headquarters had to be a place which supports and inspires that pursuit of excellence. In 1997, we were one of the first to buy land in what would become Lake Forest’s corporate community, and today we are proud to call it our interplanetary headquarters.”
– Oakley, Inc.

Creative Environment

“The environment was what encouraged us to locate our corporate headquarters here. The mountains, the trees, it’s a natural place that seems to promote innovation, a free spirit and dedication to the environment. Sole Technologies calls Lake Forest home because it fuels the creative energy of our workforce”.
– Sole Technology

Quality Employees

"As a technology company, qualified employees in the local market are in high demand. The city’s brochure is one of the tools we use to extend our employment reach outside Southern California. It helps us illustrate the different areas where one can work and live, along with where Lake Forest is in relation to the beach, mountains, and other cities within Southern California."
– Panasonic Avionics Corporation
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